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Have you considered expanding your garage or having a beautiful detached garage as a valuable addition to your home? We would love to help you out with that. We offer the service of planning and pouring garage slabs. Hiring the leading Concrete Company in Jackson, MS would be the smartest move for you to make. Keeping your cars and outdoor tools safe and secure, so that no damage is done to them through weather or theft is so important nowadays. Don’t leave your things outside and insight where they are just waiting to get ruined or be stolen. We want your things safe and secure. Call Jackson Concrete Services to get a free estimate today!

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Patio cement slabs are another popular service we offer. If you love spending time with friends and family in the great outdoors, relaxing in the nice breeze, and unwinding after work, a new or expanded patio would be perfect for you. You’ll need us if you want to feel sure that your patio is going to last for years to come. 

Plate leaks refer to the seepage of water from pipes installed in or under the foundation of concrete slabs in a house. In certain situations, sometimes with garage slabs or patios, water leaks occur in plate pipes and cause expensive structural damage. Out of sight, the underground pipes are often undetectable, unless the owners hold the 5 most common red stone flags. Due to its disturbing properties, the penetration of water into the slab must be discovered from the beginning before it comes to critical destruction.

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Homeowners should notice the following symptoms of water leakage under the concrete slab: increased water bills, noises of running water when draining the water, excessive humidity under carpets, hot spots on the floor, or cracks in walls and floors. If the above warning signs are displayed on your property, take immediate action and have the installers turn them on to detect and repair leaking plates. Concrete cast plates occur under certain conditions, in bent pipes, improper pipes, and fittings, electrolysis, friction or incompatible underground, resulting in a chemical reaction that eroded copper pipes. Corroded pipes are more susceptible to leaking water.

This is when Cracked Cement Repair becomes incredibly important. When cement slabs crack, they can often end up causing so much more damage than you would expect. It is a necessity to get it repaired as you wouldn’t want it to cause structural issues or cause injury to those you care about. We know that it doesn’t seem like something you want to spend your hard-earned dollars on, but if you think about the future damage it can do, it makes you rethink that decision. You’ll realize after some thought and research how important it is to get the repairs done when the cracks are smaller, rather than waiting for things to escalate unnecessarily. 

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