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Building a commercial concrete parking lot with parking stops will ensure that traffic will not cause cars to cross the parking lot insecurely and traffic flow will work properly. Parking stops can increase the attractiveness of parking, especially if they are made of recycled plastic. The use of this type of material is advantageous because it never fades through UV rays and is resistant to fuels, oils, and other substances that may come from cars or the people who use them. The park design may include stops that meet the standards of the city or business in which it is located. 

Parking Design in Jackson MS

For effective parking, a plan must be prepared before construction to ensure proper drainage of rain and snowmelt, taking into account the number of cars that need to be parked there. Generally, reduce the amount of paved area to a destination that can be reached with a variety of parking facilities that are approved by a community. Promote common land that is used during the daytime (such as in an office building) and at night (restaurant). Another consideration is to angle the gaps, rather than 90 degrees, as this reduces the width of the roadway and allows more spaces to be placed closer together. Parking spaces made from recycled plastic are often bright and easily visible due to the reduced footprint, reducing the potential for stumbling that can cause concrete stoppages when people are not seeing them. Colorful stops make the plot interesting, especially when adding plants. 

Normally, landscaping is not considered for a parking lot, but when it is installed, it can bring better benefits to the owner and the people who park there. Some trees shade cars and make them more comfortable in the summer months. The deep roots of trees and plants absorb the rain, and the use of native plants creates a habitat for wildlife and an aesthetically pleasing environment. 

Examples of Parking with Parking Stops 

Parking stops are used effectively in schools and other places where traffic has to follow a path and parking crossings are prohibited. They can also be used as a restraint if it does not exist and to block the passage between cars. The entire property does not need to be covered by parking, but effective use can direct traffic for both pedestrians and vehicles. 

Park Stop Rules 

When planning and constructing a parking lot, a municipality and, where appropriate, the builder should set guidelines for the use of parking spaces. The ADA also has standards for accessible parking on most properties. When preparing a project and planning parking stops, check that the parts correspond to your codes.

You’re definitely going to want to consider your need for concrete curb and gutter. It will give some nice lines and definition to your parking lot while keeping the area clean and debris free.

Another important factor you’ll need to think about is Culvert Pipes. This pipe guides the water to flow under streets, railroads, and other areas that you don’t want distrubed by the flow of water. It, basically, allows it to travel so that it does obstruct the passage above.

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Apartment parking lots see a lot of traffic. Almost every unit within your complex has at least one tenant with at least one vehicle. And if your commercial property is in a region that experiences diverse climates and inclement weather conditions, your parking lots will show signs of wear and tear much faster. But patching and pothole repair can only go so far for so long; and after a while, your lot will need a complete overhaul. Fortunately, repaving services are cost-effective, and highly beneficial to your investment. Call us for information and free estimates on  For more information feel free to contact our number is 769-241-3833. We offer free quotes on all concrete foundation services.